1. Fragmental

  2. Lp64

  3. 4003 Tales

  4. The Crypt Collection
    Agitation Φ featuring Sampledelic

  5. E-splice

  6. Astraflow
    23rd day ov the Multiverse

  7. Left-Field
    Agitation Φ & Astarte 23

  8. Starflower: Network Synthesis Vol. 7
    Agitation Φ, Astarte 23, Thee Um, Myrh, R. Fuhrtkamp, Keith Re-GENERATE & Sexy Baby Mice

  9. Unwavering Vama

  10. Spring Spirals To Nuit

  11. Setwork Nynthesis Vol. 6
    Agitation Φ w/ Astarte 23 & Thee Um

  12. Postmodern Metamorphosis
    Agitation Φ & Thee Um

  13. Orgone Sustain III
    Agitation Φ & Astarte 23

  14. The Psychick Tropical Prismatic Tones Ov...

  15. Aeffective Soundworks Ov Thee Um
    Thee Uncondemning Monk compiled by Agitation Φ

  16. Telepathically Transfigured Highways

  17. Ancient Drums

  18. Studies On Ambient Bass Guitar

  19. I*Z* '16-'17

  20. NWS V: Earth Alignment Squad: Sunflowers On Pluto
    23rd day ov the Multiverse

  21. Fused & Glitched Soundcreatures
    Agitation ϕ & The Invisible Mixing Powers Ov Fr. Æternitus

  22. Further, Terra Phi, Several Species and several other collected Soundcreatures of late 2016

  23. Fractal Identity

  24. 7thC OM23

  25. Soulfood; AFF NWS VOL 4
    Agitation Φ & Thee Um

  26. Conjuring's Extraction
    Agitation Φ & Thee Um

  27. Network Synthesis Volume 3: Sæeds And Crætures
    Agitation Φ & Thee Uncondemning Monk

  28. OE AH MA PHI

  29. YMDÆXM

  30. Blessed Bodies

  31. Knowing Blackholes
    Agitation Φ with Thee Uncondemning Monk

  32. Network Synthesis Volume 2: Electric September
    Thee Uncondemning Monk & Agitation Φ

  33. The Wheel Keeps On Turning

  34. Peace Untold, Rest, Ecstasy
    Agitation Φ & Thee Uncondemning Monk feat. TheNumbersInTheDream

  35. Infinity To Dream Path

  36. Worldcreator7Worldeater

  37. Wavelenght Magi's Feast Of The Times

  38. Mesh Network Synthesis Vol. I
    Agitation Φ, Thee Uncondemning Monk

  39. Europaeon Chaosica
    Agitation Φ, Lien ∅, Astarte 23

  40. Your Seeds Are Inside Us
    Agitation Φ & Various Artists

  41. Audio Alchemy
    Agitation Φ & Lien Vøid featuring NumbersInTheDream

  42. Networking 23: Fusing and Slumping and Chaosica
    Agitation Φ, Thee Um, Lien Vøid, Astarte 23

  43. Vapor 999 (A Bag Of Chemicals)
    Agitation Φ & Thee Uncondemning Monk

  44. Two Minutes And A Half Of Daily Hygiene
    Agitation Φ & Thee Uncondemning Monk

  45. Krishna's Tower

  46. Antworten Kommen In Träumen

  47. Analog Bea(s)t

  48. Synthetic Blood Angels

  49. Blood Ov Sacrifice Can't Kill Us

  50. Acid Abduction

  51. Infinite Current
    Agitation Φ & Various Artists

  52. Ever Felt A Sound?

  53. Coyotel Sound Ritual
    Agitation Φ & Voices Ov Coyotel

  54. Mental Fluids 23

  55. Multiverse Apocalypse Eris

  56. Sexymess XXIII (EP)

  57. Purple Beyond Eyesight

  58. Thee Annual Report Æ

  59. Drone Invocation

  60. Live 777

  61. Sclerotia Sound System (Binaural Bass Innovations For The Noæsphere)

  62. Sexperimental Pentastar No-Fi

  63. Thee Future Sound Ov Agitation

  64. Inbetween there was...

  65. Flare Awaken


Agitation Φ Wolfsberg, Austria

In some far off place
Many light years in space
I’ll wait for you.
Where human feet have never trod,
Where human eyes have never seen.
I'll build a world of abstract dreams
And wait for you.

(If you're not an asshole)

Involved in creating psycho-magickal sound-creatures in an ongoing ritual and cut-up reality, in collaboration with third mind agents of thee underground.
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