Infinity To Dream Path

by Agitation Φ



6th in a series of free improvisation bass only hygienic soundworks.
Rec. 9/9/16

Parts 1-5 were:
1. Sclerotia Sound System
2. Live 777
3. Drone Invocation
4. Purple Beyond Eyesight
5. Ever Felt A Sound?


released September 10, 2016

Art: A23
Words: A.A.
(((O))): A.PHI



all rights reserved


Agitation Φ Wolfsberg, Austria

In some far off place
Many light years in space
I’ll wait for you.
Where human feet have never trod,
Where human eyes have never seen.
I'll build a world of abstract dreams
And wait for you.

(If you're not an asshole)

Involved in creating psycho-magickal sound-creatures in an ongoing ritual and cut-up reality, in collaboration with third mind agents of thee underground.
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